Notice: Admission Notice - D. El.Ed, Session 2020 – 2022

Recognised by:


West Bengal Board of Primary Education (WBBPE),

Government of West Bengal

Total Intake:100

The Institute


Primary Teachers' Training Institute (P.T.T.I) is an outgrowth of The Institute Of Educational Research and Studies (I.E.R.S) which owes its origin in the year 1977, with Late Prof. K.S Gupta of Calcutta University as its founder. I.E.R.S, thus, through last two decades and half, has worked for establishing an ethos on Elementary Education, through a variety of programmes and activities. Our goal continues to go in for building up paragons of educators at the Elementary level. I.E.R.S has, as its forte, not missed the opportunity of morphing itself within the ambit of P.T.T.I and so that's where it proudly stands now. . P.T.T.I as well as I.E.R.S have the article of conviction and activity as well that Elementary Education continues to be in a state of flux and therefore, innovation and excellence are necessary for Elementary Education to flourish in the years to come. Since its origin it takes pride on having an alumni of around thirteen hundred before its affiliation as P.T.T.I, around four hundred fifty. The faculty, being competent, has effectively catered to its clientele through various innovative programmes, often beyond classrooms setting. I.E.R.S keeps on holding several lectures, exhibitions, seminars etc. on various occasions particularly often on a project basis.

Research Views, a bulletin of I.E.R.S, is being published regularly since 1989 containing articles and papers reflecting the trends of Elementary Education. I.E.R.S looks forward to potential partners at the global level in the cause of Elementary Education and building up the relevant culture for sustaining the same.